What is PPV Marketing and how to make money from it

PPV Marketing
Written by Charaf JRA

Online marketing plays a major role to promote a product or a service, it increases traffic, which leads to more sales and by the following more money.

Today we will talk about PPV, a cheap way to gain a huge traffic compared to others types of advertising: PPC and search engines.

What is PPV Marketing and how it works?

PPV stands to Pay Per View, also known as CPV for Cost Per View.By using a PPV network as an advertiser, your will pay for each view of your product or service.
This is totally different from CPC Marketing, which you pay for each click on your ads blocks.

How PPV Marketing works?

A user want to benefit from a free service such as playing a video game or using a software etc., in return, he accepts to install a toolbar or a bundled software that diffuses popups.

Is this bundled software a Spyware?

If you think deeply, this software’s main function is to analyze what users search and which websites they visit and then presents advertising pertinent to the types of goods or services featured there. These are spying activities , aren’t they ?
But according to the Federal Trade Commission:

A software should be considered “spyware” only if it is downloaded or installed on a computer without the user’s knowledge and consent.

However, before installing free games and services, user agrees to install a program that triggers advertisements, which means that he know he will install third party softwares that can diffuse ADS .In this case we consider this bundled software as an adware not a spyware.

How can I profit from PPV Traffic?

You can promote everything, your blog, your product or other external affiliate services. PPV works better with Squeeze pages and landing pages that offers short forms, you earn a commission for each lead you make.

Most of CPA networks allow PPV advertising and call it Contextual advertising.

How much Money do I need to start my first campaign?

That’s a serious question. We said before that PPV marketing is very cheap, but, in order to profit from PPV, you need to have a minimum deposit, which is very high especially in the well-known networks LeadImpact and TrafficVance. Both of them now require a $1,000 USD, which is very expansive for newcomers who want to try this for the first time.

Other low budget alternatives, not very targeted, but can be good to begin with:

  • AdOn Network which requires a deposit between $20 and $50 USD
  • Media Traffic (min. $100)

Why PPV Marketing instead of PPC and other Traffic Sources?

Low coast:

The coast of a view begin from $0.01, so for 1000 impressions, you need to pay only 10$ which is cheaper than PPC advertising (Google Adwords, facebook Ads etc…)

Very targeted (best return in investment):

You look for websites and keywords that are related to your niche, product or service, and once the user search or visit one of them, a new popup will be opened and drive him to your landing page or website.

With PPV, you can target links of your direct concurrent and expose your product instead of his one. Amazing right?

Massive traffic and maximum exposure:

What are the best PPV Networks?

For me, the best PPV networks are:

  • TrafficVance
  • LeadImpact
  • Media Traffic
  • DirectCPV

However, for newbies , it is better to use this list :

  • AdOn Network
  • DirectCPV (for beginners, low deposit and traffic)
  • Media Traffic

What should I do after joining a PPV network?

Choose a niche:

Make a research to know the best niche, you can use Google trends to know if your niche is gaining popularity or not (Best niches are Dating, fitness, finance and making money, Business opportunities, gaming etc…)

Build an attractive landing page:

You must know that popups are unwanted by users, they want to close them as soon as possible, so try to take their attention: display beautiful pictures and gifs or play a sound.

You can inspire from your competitors by installing those adwares in your computer, you can also use Blackpops, which is a great tool to spy and see other landing pages of the same niche.

Host your landing page:

You landing page will be seen thousands of times or even more depending on your budget. For beginners, shared hosting with unmetered traffic can be a temporary solution, but once you will reach more and more people, VPS or a dedicated server are the best options to avoid downtimes.

Pick up the best keywords for you PPV campaigns:

You can use Google key word planner or AffPortal to know the popular keywords.

Start your campaign:

Begin targeting users using one of the PPV networks listed above.

Track and test your campaign:

To know how targeted users react to your landing page and which keywords give better return in investment.

The best tracking tools in the market:

  • Prosper202 (Free)
  • CPVLab(Paid)
  • Voluum(Paid)


If you haven’t tested PPV yet, you must do it now, it becomes very popular and the cost of each impression increases due to concurrence.

If you already tried this traffic source, please share with us your experiences and advices in the comments section below.

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