TOP 10 free Android Games you should definitely play – October 2015

Tiny troopers alliance
Written by Charaf JRA

Autumn is here and winter is fast approaching. If the weather becomes less engaging to go out and want to stay under your duvet , then playing video games on your smartphone will be a great pastime.
Every week, new set of games is produced, that??s why we decided to help you to choose the best games by realizing a small monthly selections. Selections in which you can of course participate by offering us your suggestions and feedbacks in the comment section below.

List of the Top 10 Free Android Games of October 2015:

1. Tiny Troopers Alliance

Send your troops into battle, deploy your squadrons and play the War chief role . Remember also to fortify your camps under threat of being attacked by the enemy in real time. On land, in the air or at sea, control your various army corps in order to win the war.


2. Cave Blast

A little piglet needs your help to survive from battles with hordes of evil monsters in a mysterious cave.

This game is still under active development ,so more weapons , cute characters and much more enemies are coming up.


3. Sonic Dash 2 : Sonic Boom

Find the legendary blue hedgehog in Sonic 2 Dash: Sonic Boom. In this game , you will have the opportunity to play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and the newcomer Sticks. Run tirelessly against three competitors during the Team Play mode. You can redeem your halfway players to inflate your scores. You also have some special powers such as the magnet ring, and many others.


4. League of Stickman

An action game that really deserves a try. During the game , you will crush the enemies with double hits, levitation and deadly combos,beat other players and become the champion.


5. Subterfuge

Subterfuge is a game of strategy and diplomacy , taking place in real time and in an underwater environment. You will need to assemble all your tactical elements and form alliances with other players to displace others.
Remember, strategy and diplomacy are the key words aboard Subterfuge.


6. MOS Speedrun 2

Mos is back in his biggest and exciting adventure yet.Jump the walls to victory in 30 levels full of action and mystery.

7. Ghost of Memories

This game is not free , but deserves its price.It is very close to Mountain Valley in his style of play, Ghost of Memories is a puzzle game full of adventures.You will travel through 4 worlds of ancient civilizations. Solve puzzles immersed in this enchanting world to deliver a woman trapped in a crystal. For people who love poesy, logic , mystery and problems to solve.
Price: 2,99 $


8. Table Tennis Touch

A lot of Android users consider this as the best game of tennis ever. Wiff-Waff trained by the robot, has become the king of racket. Like any sport game, win more matches to be on top ranks, however, this will not be an easy task and precision, reflexes and agility are required. You can also challenge your friends or play against other people online.


9. Trivial Pursuit & Friends

The classic board game arrives on the Google Play Store. Challenge your friends on various questions related to different subjects such as Science, Nature, History, Geography, television, … Pick up all the “pie” of colors in order to reach the ultimate test.


10. SirVival

For lovers of medieval atmospheres and platform games, SirVival fulfill better all your expectations.This game will express the brave knight inside you. Confront and overcome all the obstacles that will get in your way to save the Princess.




It is clear that we could not hold in this article all the titles that deserve to be mentioned and therefore, do not hesitate to let us know what are the games that we missed in our selection of the top 10 free Android games of October 2015.Are you ready to play them on your Smartphone or tablet ? Let’s go!

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