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Written by Charaf JRA

When you decide to create a website for your business or blog, choosing the right domain name is one of the first and most important decisions you have to take. Selecting the perfect domain name for your future website should be made with too much attention and care.

Today I will share with you tools and tips that I followed to choose domain name of this blog RefreshMyMind.

How to choose the perfect domain name:

Before picking the name of my blog, I made a brainstorming of keywords and categories that I will write about, this gave me the first ideas about how my domain name will look like.
Although, I knew that this list of keywords is not finale and will grow according to my new experiences, that’s why I chose a wide name.

Use a short phrase or slogan:

Most of the best Domain names have been already taken, for example exists since 1999,therefore it is very rare to find a single word that express perfectly what you do.
You can use a slogan or a short phrase for your domain name, in other way, you must be creative and try to combine two or three words to make a good attractive sentence, which you can pronounce and remember easily.
When you make your Logo or Business card, try to write it in CamelCase, which means each word should begin with a capital letter, for example: instead of writing the name of my blog I will write it : RefreshMyMind.Com, this way , you can distinguish easily each of the words and it gives a better look ,and because domain names are not case-sensitive , both writings will redirect you to the same website.

Buy a .COM

The .Com(commercial) is the King of all domain extensions. For all new customers who want a new website, even if they think that other extensions are suitable to their business, they should anyway try to buy the .com

Some customers prefer to register an extension of geographical area such as .fr (France) because their audience is primarily in France. This is a good SEO strategy, but they must also buy the .Com.
Other customers will want to register a generic domain like .org because their website is representing an organization. It’s true that a non-profit organization should use a .Org instead of a .Com but it should buy it in all cases if it is available. However, I would never recommend a client to register .com or .org if it does not also holds the .Com.
Why i must buy the .com?
Because if you let the .com available, anyone can register it and become your competitor and destroy or harm your reputation.
Imagine this situation:
A user liked your blog and decided to recommend it to one of his friends without telling him which extension he uses .Org, .Com, .Net or any other.
What is the first extension he will use to enter the website?
You know already the answer. He will try .Com

What if your website is .Net instead of .Com and an other website exists with a .Com?
You will loose this new visitor because he will think that his friend is talking about .Com website not the .Net one.

Do not use Hyphens:

The use of the hyphen in a domain name is not recommended, they look like spam and are less credible. From SEO perspective, Google and other search engines read your keywords in your domain name without hyphens and therefore no need to create while you can register RefreshMyMind.Com.
Moreover, if you want to be present on social networks and want to create a Facebook page, a Youtube channel or a twitter account for your website, you will be obligated to replace Hyphens in your username with underscores and this can make confusions.
Add keywords to your domain name:
Adding keywords to your domain name can help you to be well ranked in results of search engines and to get more visitors.

Buy your domain name from a well-known registrar:

You must purchase your domain from a reputable registrar, Namecheap and Godaddy are the leaders in the market.
I recommend Namecheap because their prices are cheap especially when you want to add a Whois protection “WhoisGuard” and their support is very good.
PS: By using our link ,we will earn a small commission from your first purchase.

Tools to help you picking the best domain name:

Here is a list of domain generators that can help you to choose the ideal domain name for your business or website.


Enter the main words related to your niche or business and generate a large range of good domain names classified by categories.




This tool is similar to NameMesh and can give you additional results and ideas.

Domainr is a fast Ajax Whois which help you to know easily and if a domain name is available or not using xhr requests.

Before buying a domain name, think also about usernames that you will use in social networks, Namechk will help you to know if your name is available in the most known websites in the world.



Have additional tools or advices to share with us.Please use the comment section below.

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