Prisma: How to save photos to SD Card of Android Devices

Save Prisma's Photos to SD Card
Written by Charaf JRA

Prisma, an application that is specialized in filters, it allows you to turn  your photos into ArtWorks in few clicks. The application has been downloaded over 11 million times on iOS and intends to compete with the industry giant, Instagram.

Prisma application was released today on Android, I tried it and I was very impressed by all the filters available, I loved “curly hair”  which is awesome and the result is really a piece of art.

This first Android release contains many bugs, especially when you try to share your work of art:

  • It crops out more than half of the picture.
  • Some parts vanish from the image.
  • It duplicates the outlines and strokes
  • Impossible to save the pictures in the gallery

How to save photos of Prisma to Android Devices ?

1. Save images using Native options:

Prisma Labs added in their recent update the option to save your images directly by a simple click on a Button like in the screenshot below:prisma_save_export_screenshot_2

You can also enable automatic saving of your images like in the following screenshot, but this is good only if you know what you are doing. If you are just trying different filters and playing with them then I suggest disabling this option to avoid a gallery full of drafts.

export images in prisma

2. Save images using a third party application:

PS: This was the first solution before Prisma’s recent update, if you don’t have the save button or still no received the latest update, then follow this solution.
I found an easy way to save and export Prisma’s transformed photos to internal memory of your  Android device, or to your external SD Card, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Install ES File Explorer from Android Play Store using this link
  2. Choose a filter and then transform your picture
  3. Click on Share button  1469425167_share
  4. Choose ES Save to like in the picture below:
  5. Save prisma's picture to your Sd card Select the folder where you want to save Prisma’s picture.

You can now view all your generated photos like in Prisma application without bugs.

Feel free to share other solutions using the comment section below.

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