Pokémon GO : Play it now on Android

Pokémon GO on Android and iOS
Written by Charaf JRA

The much awaited mobile game Pokémon Go is now available, but only  in few countries.However,  if you can’t wait the official stable release and want to play it ASAP , then follow the following steps.

Steps to install  Pokemon GO (APK) on Android Devices:

  1. Check first if your phone meets the minimal requirements
  2. Go to the “security” settings of your Android phone and allow the installation of applications “from unknown sources” tab (other than the Play Store).
  3. Download the APK from your smartphone by going to This URL.
  4. Move to your  “Downloads” folder and run the APK to start the installation.

Et Voilà! Now you can Travel in the real and virtual world of Pokémon, find and catch more than one hundred Pokémon while you explore your surroundings.
With Pokémon Go, discover all Pokémon that are around you and build a new world which is yours! Pokémon GO is built on the platform of real world gaming Niantic and uses real locations to encourage players to discover Pokémon in their area.
The series of Pokémon video games used geographic locations such as Hokkaido and Kanto regions in Japan, New York and Paris as inspiration environments presented to players. Now it’s the real world that will be your environment!

What’s Next ?

Before you begin, you must login using your Google account, then  create a character, even if  your choices are limited in terms of customization, but you can still try to make a Hero who looks like you.
Go outside to find and catch wild Pokémon. Explore the cities and the villages around you and around the world to capture as many Pokémon as possible.
Once you’re near a Pokémon, your smartphone will vibrate. After meeting it, aim it with the touch screen of your smartphone and run to catch it and be careful when you try to catch it to avoid it gets away! Moreover, look for PokéStops located near some of the places such as public artworks and historical monuments, there you can get Poké Balls and other objects.

Pokémon Go - ash ketchum in real life - Turkey

Ash Ketchum in real life – Turkey

PS: Be careful while you play because criminals can easily target you and rob you 🙁

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