What if Facebook becomes the new Kickstarter’s competitor

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Facebook allowed few days ago non-profit organizations to collect donations from their Facebook pages via a donate button.
Today, it is launching a new tool called Fundraiser, inspired from crowdfunding platforms, always with the goal of allowing users to make donations to these organizations.
The Fundraisers appear on the Facebook pages of these organizations, and according to Facebook, this feature will help them to find the persons who support their cause, collect donations, and also to follow the progress of their campaigns comparing to their targets.
Until now, this new feature is still under tests by Facebook in collaboration with some thirty organizations, including WWF. But the leader of social networks says that soon, the Fundraiser will be available to all kinds of organizations in USA. However, we do not know if this feature will be deployed in other countries, and if yes, then when?

What if Facebook becomes the new Kickstarter’s competitor?


For now, this feature is only available for non-profit organizations. However, some media are already talking about the fact that it could later be used to create a crowdfunding platform , and with its billion daily users, the social network could indeed soon become an important platform in this area, and then will be a serious competitor to Kickstarter , the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.

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