6 tips and tricks for Facebook Messenger you must definitely know

Facebook messenger tips and tricks
Written by Charaf JRA

Facebook Messenger, one of the famous messaging applications ever with more than 800 million active users each month has recently added a lot of features that you should definitely know:

You can use Messenger without a Facebook account:

Messenger without facebook acount

A lot of Messenger users think that you need a Facebook account to profit from its messaging service, but this is not true.Actually, You don’t really need it, and if you want to use it this way, you just have to click on “NOT ON FACEBOOK” link, then a new window will show up asking you to put your phone number and  your name. You can also create a Messenger account from its official website.

Customize your conversations:


To make your conversation look more attractive and different, Messenger allows you now to customize the look and feel of your conversations. It is especially possible to choose other colors than the traditional blue of Messenger, assign an emoticon to the conversation instead of the like button or add a nickname to your contacts.

To do it:

  • Click the “i” icon on the top right of a conversation
  • Select the desired option and follow the instructions

Use Facebook Messenger from a web browser:

facebook messenger web version

Like Whatsapp Web, Messenger has also  a web version which is available worldwide and accessible  from  any device, just  go to Messenger.com, log in using your phone number or Facebook account and access to the full service.

Mute a conversation


facebook_messenger_mute_conversation_silent_modeYou are a member of  an active conversation with more than 100 messages per minute, and you don’t want to quit the conversation for a specific reason? Easy, You just have to turn off notifications for the current conversation and  define the period of this interruption:

  • Click the “i” icon on the top right
  • Select “Notifications”
  • Change the length of the interruption

Send the Map of any location:

share geographical position using messenger

From the beginning of messenger, sharing your location was possible, the problem is that before, it was enabled by default and this was very bad because sometimes you forget to disable this option and you share your position without your knowledge.

Now you share your geographical position or any other strategic location near you by a simple click on a button.

Send GIF animations:


GIFs are a very expressive light-weight animations, And yes, Facebook Messenger now allows you to share GIF in conversations.

To do this, simply press the […] icon in the bottom action bar of a conversation and click on GIF or another third-party application (Giphy, Gif keyboard…) installed on your phone. These applications will suggest a huge database of GIFs.

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