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drupal 8
Written by Charaf JRA

The latest stable version of Drupal 8.0.0 arrived, announced Dries Buytaert , CEO & founder of Drupal and co-founder of Acquia in his official website .

An effort of more than 3800 contributors over the last 5 years:

A global community of designers, writers, translators, developers, sponsors and many others that helped to create a solid product that can be used to build next-generation websites. In addition to improving Drupal’s core, they are working on its extension by building modules, themes and distributions. Drupal 8 is the latest step in their commitment to continuous improvement, enabling organizations to build all things that amaze the world.

What’s new on Drupal 8?

Easier Authoring:

A lot of tools to boost authoring experience including Draft Support, In-place Editing, CKEditor…

Mobile is the first priority:

Drupal 8 is responsive and supports all kind of devices and screens.

Multichannel Content Delivery:

Includes a RESTful API and provides content as a service for websites, terminals and native mobile applications(Android , IOS …).

A Developer’s Dream:

Built based on Symfony2 framework using the best PHP practices and Object-oriented design patterns to make developer’s life easier.

A front-end flexibility:

The Front-end developers can show their creativity through Twig, a new template engine instead of PHPTemplate and can improve User experience by using Front-end frameworks like Ember.js, Angular and Backbone.

Simplified Deployment:

Drupal 8 introduced A New Configuration Management System that handles all types of configuration settings. In Drupal 7 and below, both content and configuration were saved to the database  making deploying configuration changes from one environment to another  very tricky.Now you have options for how and where you store your data , you have also the possibility to export   your config data into YAML files to manage it with version control..

Faster Performance:

The powerful caching of Drupal 8 accelerates content delivery and allows more scalability for dynamic pages to offer better rides.

Translations and i18n:

Create, manage and publish multilingual content to fit global digital strategies. The interface is translated into several languages to build support around the world.

Integration Focused:

With the core of Drupal 8, in addition to modules from the Drupal ecosystem and the ability to integrate digital marketing tools, it is easy to construct various marketing systems and solutions dedicated to digital experiences.

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