How to disable Apache ModSecurity on Bluehost

disable Apache ModSecurity on bluehost
Written by Charaf JRA

I was trying to customize the translation of a WordPress theme using Loco translator plugin, and I faced the situation where I can’t save the translations that I made.

I got this error message: Error: Not Acceptable.

To understand exactly what is this error and why it happened, I opened the console and checked the ajax response from the server, then it was clear from the response that the server returns the HTTP Status Code 406 because ModSecurity blocks the request to wp-admin/admin-ajax.php

If you are on Bluehost, and have the same issue and you want to disable Apache ModSecurity, don’t waste your time trying to turn it off using .htaccess files or via ModSec manager of cPanel because it will NOT WORK.

How to disable Apache ModSecurity on Bluehost:

Unfortunately, there is only one solution to disable Apache ModSecurity(ModSec) which is through the support, just have a  quick conversation with Bluehost’s technical support, give them your domain name and they  will take care of the rest.

I know this tutorial doesn’t give a technical solution, but at least it will save you some hours of Googling 🙂

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